Contiki campaign features Gen Z travelling back in time

'Retro travel' is very much coming back, and one TikToker shows that it’s not as romantic as it sounds.

A remote island that rewards responsible tourists

In a clever follow-up of Host/Havas’ Cannes-winning campaign, the Pacific region of Palau rewards carbon-offsetting so that tourists can unlock off-the-beaten-track experiences.

'I am a girl': Lifebuoy rewrites a poem to make Pakistani girls heroes

An effort by Lifebuoy, the Ministry of School Education Punjab and Grey Pakistan revised a cherished part of the school curriculum so girls won't be left out.

Freedom Cups and Wunderman Thompson campaign highlights period poverty

The print campaign shines a light on untold stories of underprivileged women who have no access to period products, clean water and adequate wash facilities.

Olay shows how bias pushes girls out of STEM

With a campaign by Publicis Singapore, the brand launches an initiative to close the gender gap in STEM careers in India.

First Time

Provocative virtual museum chronicles a woman's 'first time'

But the subject of a chilling experience built by Wunderman Thompson Thailand is not what you may think.

Bayer Consumer Health runs awareness campaign on thrush

In a new Australian campaign by Bayer Consumer Health, ‘students’ are given an open, candid lesson to destigmatise vaginal health.

Case study: How Mars Wrigley used Twitch to reach gamers

A campaign featuring a non-gaming brand attempting to reach under 25-year-olds in Australia.

Search your colleague's video background for signs of poor mental health, says awareness campaign

Is your co-worker's house messier than usual? Do they seem distracted? This could be a sign of mental ill health, according to Performics Mercerbell's awareness campaign.

Durex campaign features live ‘erectometer’ on Sydney streets

To drive vaccination rates, the salacious three-day campaign aims to display real-time vaccination data in New South Wales.

Lalamove launches regional campaign across SEA, Latin America

The campaign will be shown on traditional and digital media in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil.

From visceral to hopeful, new Australia vaccine campaigns change focus

Belatedly, the land down under is trying to reorient a struggling and delayed effort to help a battered economy heal and re-open.

Malaysia’s Merdeka campaigns reflect sombre mood of nation

Brands address this difficult period in this year’s National and Malaysia Day ads.

Jackie Chan does his own stunts for Shopee

The action legend doesn't break any bones in his newest film, but he does dance in a silly way for Shopee's over-the-top, orange-drenched ads.

Indian sex-wellness brand Skore launches ‘Cliteracy drive’

In an effort that started on the recent International Female Orgasm Day, the brand engaged with sex-positive content creators to provide education about the clitoris while promoting Oh! brand pleasure gel.

Lululemon launches 'largest ever' global brand campaign

Designed by Droga5, the campaign aims to target its growing men’s user base, international markets, and younger Gen Z audience.

BBH interns produce purpose-driven campaign on imposter syndrome

The LinkedIn campaign has seen politicians and high-profile individuals pitch in personal tales of self-doubt in the workplace.

Aussie govt defends ‘terrifying’ and ‘graphic’ Covid ad

Social media users have said the ad is being used as a ‘scare tactic’ and could deter young people from getting vaccinated.

P&G tackles imposter syndrome in new campaign

One in two women experience imposter syndrome on a daily or regular basis—but this underwhelming campaign barely scratches the surface.

Drag queens shine in Pink Dot music video

A fun, lustrous music video by Heckler Singapore featuring a fantastic cast of performers and rich cinematography.

PR campaign for pet-ernity policies kicks off in Australia

Pet parents are demanding more flexibility and time to care for their fur-babies, as evidenced in Eleven’s new campaign.

Colgate's new hum: Brand unveils global sonic branding

What does universal optimism sound like? According to Colgate and MassiveMusic, it sounds like this.

Unilever ramps up Philippines beauty site with Green Park Content

The FMCG maker extends its brand publishing efforts with BeautyHub.PH.

Case study: How STB used Twitch to create a virtual tour

The activation featured a friendly taxi driver to showcase local landmarks in real time.

Raya campaign round-up from Netflix, Petronas and more

This Raya, brands attempt to break out of melodramatic stereotypes, as evidenced by a couple of surprise entrants.

Singapore enlists Phua Chu Kang to front vaccine music video

The lovable TV sitcom character performs a lengthy dance number in the musical PSA.

Olympic athletes battle kaiju representing societal pressure in SK-II series

Top athletes including Simone Biles, Liu Xiang, Ishikawa Kasumi, Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo appear in the 'VS' series, which the brand calls an animated anthology.

‘Insulting and confusing’: Aussie govt video on sexual consent mocked

The video, which cost approximately AU$3.8 million in taxpayer funds to produce, was widely ridiculed on social media and has since been removed.

Grab and Gojek reveal Ramadan campaigns

Two delivery giants in the region kick off the holy month with unconventional films.

Lintas Live campaign in India shines a light on girls’ education

The Indian PR campaign looks at girls’ education as a future investment, one that will reap large economic rewards for the country.

Herbal supplement brand ambassador trolled on social media after positive Covid test

Indian actor Akshay Kumar featured in an ad that claimed the product, Dabur Chyawanprash, was clinically tested to protect consumers against Covid-19.

Supermarket in Sydney sells ‘human beings’

A clever stunt to to raise awareness and funds for Anti-Slavery Australia (ASA).

All the Gold PR campaign winners at Spikes Asia 2021

Recap the winning campaigns in a competitive and highly creative year.

Chinese tea house pulls sexist products following social media pressure

The chain of tea shops, which goes by the name Sexy Tea, has apologised for using inappropriate slogans on its merchandise that were derogatory to women.

Tennis Australia launches audio stream to allow blind to follow sport

Design and innovation agency AKQA and Monash University helped to build the technology that will be piloted during the Australian Open finals.

SPCA Singapore campaign slams electric-shock collars for dogs

A pro bono campaign by Forsman & Bodenfors uses a group of ‘tough’ humans to demonstrate the cruelty of electric-shock collars used in dog training.

Tourism NZ launches crusade against generic tourist selfies

The organisation released a hilarious video as part of its ‘Do Something New’ campaign which advocates more original holiday poses.

Singapore Red Cross unveils adorable mascot refresh

The organisation’s mascot, known as Blood Buddy, was rebranded to appeal to a younger audience.

Ikea Singapore embraces typo on reusable bag

The furniture giant casually exclaimed ‘Alamak’ and quickly went back to business as usual.

Bat sandwich in outdoor retailer's ad leaves a bad taste

Australia's ad watchdog is investigating complaints about a BCF ad from The Monkeys, which says the pandemic arose because "somebody ate a bat".

Our favourite ads of 2020

We pick the pieces of work that made us smile, weep and applaud in admiration of APAC’s creative power.

An unabashedly Pure Sh*t campaign

Australian agency launches manure brand inspired by 2020 to direct profits to charity.

Nike Japan ad receives backlash—but is incidentally brilliant

A moving new film by W+K and Nike sparks debate about racism in Japan.

Anchor Dairy’s Christmas campaign encourages giving over buying

NZ agency Pead leads creative and PR for the dairy giant.

Durex campaign shows how little Singaporeans know about sex

New AKA Asia work shines a light on an alarming lack of awareness around STIs and STDs.

Case study: Stuffed bear mascot used to illustrate air pollution

A compelling purpose campaign to advocate for better air quality in Myanmar.

Women’s Foundation Hong Kong launches campaign against sexual violence

A major awareness campaign with clear, actionable points.

Airbnb launches campaign to 'preserve cultural heritage' in China

The home-sharing and experiences platform wants to connect masters with a 'new generation of apprentices'.

Singapore agency releases literal ChillPills to ease workplace frustration

The kits come complete with fake medical certificates and made-up diagnoses.

Be my Valentine (and give me your kidney) campaign reaches more than a million people

A tongue-in-cheek film encouraging people to give away one of their kidneys and be a living donor has managed to reach more than a million people, according to the NHS Blood and Transplant comms team.